Innovative Laser Hair Removal

All Skin Types

Single Handpiece Solution

Three stackable wavelengths in
one handpiece. No filters or addtional attachments needed

No consumables

Quick (ROI) return on investment with zero consumables

Intuitive Design

Touch screen with preprogrammed settings and free use options

Virtually Painless
Providing quick and comfortable treatments with a 10mm tip to -5 degrees celsius
Maintenance Free

No annual calibration, service contracts or constant coolant refill

Quick and Effective Results
Pulse frequency from
1-10hz Pulse Duration
1-300ms Fluence
1-90 j/cm2 of power

Three Options to

Meet Your Needs

  • $45,000

    1 year warranty1 handpiece / 15m pulses
  • $52,000

    2 year warranty1 handpiece / 15m pulses
  • $58,000

    3 year warranty 2 handpieces / 30m pulses
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